Christmas is fast approaching and we have some tips to get you ready for the holiday season. Over the next few weeks we will be posting advice to get you ready without the stress so you can enjoy the festive season in style.

Allocate your time

How much time should you devote to organising Christmas? Well how longs a piece of tinsel? We all have different images of what makes a cool yule. Be clear about your vision and realistic about the time it involves. Don’t write a present list for 100 people if you haven’t got time to shop for 100 presents. If organising your ideal Christmas involves more time than you’ve got, you are more likely to end up more stressed than festive. Adjust your vision, or get some help.

creamliving offer a personal shopping service so why not give us a call and let us take some of the stress of buying presents away. Contact us for more information.

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