The second in our series of how to have a stress free Christmas.


Prepare a list of tasks and delegate whatever you can to people you can trust. It’s no good asking your husband to buy for his family if you know full well that, come Christmas Eve, he still won’t have done it! Especially if it’s going to be niggling away in the back of your mind. If you decide to use a lifestyle consultant, like creamliving, be sure to give them the jobs that you don’t enjoy. If you love present shopping but detest supermarkets at Christmas, give them the food shopping list. Hand over the gift wrapping, menu planning, party invitations – anything for which you don’t have time.

A good consultant should tackle any job, no matter the size, and will understand that you have to build up trust before handing over more personal tasks, such as buying for the family. The consultant should make life easier for you without taking over: she might source the right tree and decorations, for example, leaving you and the kids to enjoy dressing  the tree together.

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